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Why Our Hiking Backpacks?

If you’re considering to have a quick hike or for a weeks at a time, it is important to make sure that you have the right gear for your outdoor activity.

Ultimate Hiking Backpacks Australia (UHB-Australia) has made and designed top quality hiking backpacks and bags intended for your comfortable and enjoyable adventure.

It must be taken into consideration that one of the most important factors in choosing the best hiking backpack is the comfort it can give you when trekking, or passing through difficult terrains and rocky roads. UHB Australia has crafted a range of backpacks with the factor above-mentioned mainly taken into account – we have 40L hiking backpacks, 50L hiking backpacks, hiking backpacks for men and women, among other best hiking bags in our store.

At UHB Australia, our goal is to provide our customers the satisfaction each of us are expecting for what we have paid for. For a more detailed specifications of UHB Australia hiking backpacks, please check out here.

45L Hiking Bag

“I have had my hiking pack for about half a year from Ultimate Hiking Backpack, and it has worked great. I hammock camp and this pack has held every thing that I want and more. What I like about it is that it’s very comfortable when packed up all the way, it doesn’t hurt at all. I would highly recommend this store!”

-Roy Martin, Nomad Trekker

Buy Hiking Backpacks Online in Australia

About Our Hiking Backpacks

With our choice and wide selection of hiking backpacks in Australia made available for you to buy online with a fast and free shipping, you can now purchase with ease; not to mention our assurance that the product you’ve chose to bring with you in your outdoor activity, will be delivered on time. Here are the additional advantages of our hiking backpacks:

Compact and comfortable to carry on your back despite the heavy loads;

High-quality gear made with the best backpack materials intended specifically to last for years, given its uses. Some of our products are also waterproof;

Offered in variety of sizes that can carry a volume of your choosing; we also give a free advice as to the size of  a hiking backpack you need depending on the number days you plan to hike;

Available in different colors and designs; and

Perfect for hiking, camping, trekking, travelling, backpacking, or even on regular day’s use; plus its price range from reasonable to very reasonable!

Bag for Hiking Australia

Here Are Some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is A Hiking Backpack?

A hiking backpack is a gear used for backpacking. It should be proper and suitable in terms of fit, size, and use – in order to have an enjoyable outdoor journey.

Also, hiking bags come into different categories, which include but are not limited to: body-pack, internal or external frame, and frameless.

What is Backpacking? 

Backpacking is a form of an outdoor recreation that needs only a backpack to carry the gears and necessities such as food and water, shelter, bedding, clothing, and cooking kit. When hiking, it must be wise to choose a practical hiking backpack because weight is necessarily a key factor.

Backpacking trips may last for one night to weeks or months, depending on the place or terrain and trekking difficulties. In long trip hikes, resupply areas or drops are are made available for the convenience and safety of the hikers.

How To Choose Your Hiking Backpack

Reasonable Price for A Hiking Bag

The price of a hiking backpack differs based on the materials used for the pack, design, and purpose. The reasonable price for it could be determined according to the preceding specifications. If you are able to purchase a bag for hiking at a cheaper price, bear in mind that the same may not be made of good materials, and probably won’t last long.

How to Choose Your Hiking Backpack

Again, choosing your backpack for hiking will vary depending on your needs. However, always consider the following: the materials of the product; the price of the backpack; comfort and convenience when using it; the weight it can carry; and the used of it. Design may be of a least consideration.

How to Use Properly Your Hiking Backpack

It is always practical to be mindful of the fact that backpack won’t last long based solely on its quality. We always need to remember that in all things we have, the period of its used also depend on how we take care of these things. This is also true with your hiking backpack.

Hiking backpack should be cleaned properly. Also, do not overused it, i.e. do not put stuff that is not within the capacity of the bag. Otherwise, its material will be stressed and bent, which will eventually tear the backpack.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee that our backpacks will make your outdoor adventure enjoyable, as we provide you the products that are of quality, comfortable to carry and use, and are designed appropriately for hiking.

What Is A Hiking Bag

Types of Hiking Backpacks

Hiking backpacks may vary on sizes, materials used, and purpose.

Usually, a small hiking backpack may carry a load of 30L to 40L. This is generally perfect for people who go on a day hike. This is suitable for hikers who don’t bring much gear as it can already accommodate the necessary stuff for a short hike. While large hiking backpack usually ranges from 40L to 85L. This type of bag are purposely made to carry gears, tent, food, and other necessaries for two (2) days hikes or more. This is also categorized into: frameless backpack and framed backpack – a frameless backpack is lighweight; while a framed one is a bit heavy but could make the packing easier and more organized.

Common Features of A Hiking Backpack

Commonly, a hiking backpack is designed to include multiple attachment points intended to be used for all the gears necessary for your adventures. It also has a spacious compartment for your stuff, such as clothing, food, bedding, among other things you need.

Additionally, all backpacks for hiking are made to be comfortable and with ventilated back-panel that will keep the carrier/ backpacker cool and dry regardless of the weather or season.

50L Unisex Hiking Rucksacks
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